Backyard Brothers, LLC, at BackyardBrothers.co, provides service subscription and billing on this site after clients have agreed to Backyard Brothers’ pool service, repairs, or a project. These Terms of Sale apply to Backyard Brothers’ customers. Allowing Backyard Brothers to collect payment details ascertains Client accepts and agrees to be bound to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Sale.

To learn about Backyard Brothers’ return/refund policy, please read on.


The client will make payment for services supplied as agreed upon prior to Backyard Brothers beginning service, repairs, or agreed-upon project. Variation of payment terms may be by written agreement between Backyard Brothers and Client.

Where services are provided on credit, payment must be made within the time agreed between Backyard Brothers and the client. Where a payment is overdue, the balance outstanding may be charged interest at the rate of 15% per annum. If the client pays by American Express or Diners Club credit card a service charge of 3.5% will be levied on the payment.

If Backyard Brothers needs to engage the services of a mercantile agent, debt collector, or solicitor for collection of outstanding sums, the client will be liable for the costs of debt collection.

Holiday Schedule

Backyard Brothers renders no service on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. If pool-cleaning falls on one of these Holidays, Client’s pool will be cleaned on another day that same week. If Client has special cleaning requests near a holiday, please contact Backyard Brothers a week in advance to help ensure accommodations.

Billing Schedule

Backyard Brothers bill by the weeks and monthly bills are based on a flat rate of four weeks of service per month. Each quarter has a month with a fifth week of service to be provided and billed for (13 weeks per quarter). Backyard Brothers will charge for this additional week of service on the 15th of the first month, of each quarterly period. This charge for one additional weeks of pool service will occur on the 15th on January, April, July, and October. If there is a suspension of maintenance services any unfulfilled service visits are refunded.

Payments for one-time cleaning, chemical treatments, and repair work are collected prior to or on the day the work begins. Some work will take more than one business day to complete. The credit or debit card that Client has on file with Backyard Brothers will be charged.


Pools and spas can be life-threatening. Backyard Brothers appreciates Client's priorotizing safety, doing everything possible to create and maintain a safe swim experience. While Backyard Brothers can make safety suggestions based on Client’s needs, Backyard Brothers is not liable for the safety of Client or Client’s family, pets, cohorts, etc., around and near Client’s pool or spa.

Pool Covers

If a safety cover is on Client’s pool, it will remain so, and Backyard Brothers will still be able to balance the chemicals and perform the basics of Backyard Brothers’ service, but Backyard Brothers will be unable to brush, vacuum, or net while the safety cover is on the pool. All other aspects of the service will still be rendered.

Pool Access on Service Day

Backyard Brothers needs unhindered access to Client’s swimming pool on all scheduled days of service.

If Client does not provide Backyard Brothers with the combination for a gate lock and Backyard Brothers technician arrives on the scheduled day of service and Client’s gate is locked, Backyard Brothers will still bill for the scheduled cleaning service, albeit a Backyard Brothers technician will spend up to an hour on site the following week to catch-up on the cleaning and chemicals without additional charges. If Client needs or request more than the hour of allotted time atop the catch-up service and prototypical service, additional charges will apply.

Freezing Weather

If Backyard Brothers arrive and the temperature is below freezing, Backyard Brothers will not vacuum or turn off the pump due to the risks of the capacitor not being able to re-start the motor in the cold weather.

In addition, freezing weather can also cause ice to form on the lid seal for pool pumps. If Backyard Brothers believe ice is forming Backyard Brothers may choose to forgo opening the pump lid.

Backyard Brothers’ priority during freezing weather is to keep equipment functioning as much as possible. Backyard Brothers recommends addressing equipment concerns prior to cold weather.

Lightning and Rain

If Backyard Brothers arrive to clean Client’s swimming pool and there is rain without other dangerous conditions (e.g., lightening; visual obstruction; flooding; etc.), Backyard Brothers will still perform all the possible service items. If there is lightning nearby when Backyard Brothers arrive to clean Client’s swimming pool, Backyard Brothers will still perform all possible service items without using the aluminum pole, due to safety concerns. These visits will serve as the pool cleaning visit for the week.

In the event a rainstorm makes Service unsafe or risks compromising quality, Backyard Brothers’ technicians may defer service to the following week, spending up to an additional hour on-site the following week to catch up the cleaning and chemicals without additional charges.

Pets on the Property

For the safety of Client’s pets and Backyard Brothers technicians, Clients agree to arrange for dogs or other animals to be inside or in a separate area from the pool on the day of service. Backyard Brothers cannot take responsibility for dogs or other animals loose while Backyard Brothers are at Client’s property.


Pool heaters have a number of inherent risks, including but not limited to risks of fire, electrical shock, pressurized boiling water, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Pool-cleaning technicians are not permitted to make any heater adjustments. Backyard Brothers have repair technicians in many areas who are trained to work on heaters and can provide further on-site support should it be requested and available.

Pool Water Circulation and Filtration

Swimming pools require proper circulation and filtration throughout the year in order to be serviceable:

Backyard Brothers require all Backyard Brothers clients run their equipment at least four to six hours a day in the winter months and at least 12 hours daily during the warmest part of the day between March and October. The circulation helps Backyard Brothers algae suppression and water balance chemicals prevent algae and keeps Backyard Brothers’ chemicals maintaining Client’s pool.

Note: There may be circumstances where Client’s pool requires more circulation.

Filter Cleaning Schedule

Filter cleanings are necessary for nearly all residential swimming pools. A typical recommended filter cleaning schedule is every three to six months depending on the make, model, and size of the filter compared to the amount of pool water it is filtering.

Filter cleanings are billed as a separate charge from the monthly pool maintenance subscription.

Water Level Maintenance

Water level maintenance is the responsibility of Backyard Brothers’ customers.

Quote Amounts and Service Rate Changes

Backyard Brothers reserves the right to refuse service or to change a quote for service or repairs.

If a change in a quoted amount is required Backyard Brothers will notify Client in advance. If a rate change in ongoing maintenance is required after being on service, Backyard Brothers will strive to give a 30-day prior notice.

Returns/Refunds/Re-performance of service

As a service-based operation, Backyard Brothers may offer a re-performance of service, albeit not return/refund: If the client is dissatisfied with the service performed by Backyard Brothers and notifies Backyard Brothers within 24 hours of the service being performed, Backyard Brothers will repeat the service at no additional cost to the Client.

Repair Service Calls for Diagnosis on Equipment Issues

If Backyard Brothers discovers Client’s pool equipment is not working properly, Backyard Brothers will contact Client to ask permission to perform a diagnostic service call by a one of Backyard Brothers' repair technicians.

Leak Detection Warranty

Backyard Brothers warrant Backyard Brothers’ leak detections for 45 days from the day the leak detection is performed, provided the Client approves the repairs to be performed by Backyard Brothers: If another company other than Backyard Brothers is hired to perform the repairs or in any other way interact with the leak issue at-hand, then Backyard Brothers are unable to provide a warranty on the leak detection.

It is the Client’s responsibility to notify Backyard Brothers if the pool continues to leak after any recommended repairs have been completed.

When repairing underground pipe(s), the extent of repair needed is understood only when the leaking pipe(s) are exposed. Additional PVC pipes, tree roots, electrical lines, or other obstructions may require additional labor and parts to resolve the primary leak(s). If additional work is needed, Backyard Brothers will notify Client for approval prior to moving forward. It is possible for more than one leak to be present on a single plumbing line; in most cases, only one leak at a time can be detected. If Backyard Brothers find a secondary leak present after the primary leak is repaired, Client will be notified with a quote for additional repair.